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Podcast Fears

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Today I want to talk about podcast fears – what’s holding you back from starting your podcast? 

When I get on a discovery call with people and we get through the tech related questions. Normally people just want to be reassured that their idea is a good one or that they will have enough content. 

Is that you? What worries you about starting your podcast? 

The top worries I hear are:

  1. Is my idea a good one? 

What is your idea, can you explain clearly in 3 sentences or less?  

Why is this important to you? What excites you about this idea? 

Your reason doesn’t have to be serious but it does have to be crystal clear, when it is clear then it is a good idea. 

  1. I speak with an accent

This breaks my heart. Podcasting is about sharing ideas whatever your accent, dialect or language. There is no default language in podcasting. 

  1. There are too many podcasts/ podcasts are over -saturated . 

No, wrong. Yawn, next!

  1.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep creating content 

Top Tip: The content creation is something you should do at the start, before you even start recording. 

At the start plan a season 8 – 12 episodes you will see you have so many ideas. 

  1. What equipment do I need? I don’t have a huge budget. 

You don’t need a big budget , can I say now please do not go out and just buy a Blue Yeti? Please?!! 

You will need the following: 

Pop -filter 

DAW (Software for editing) 



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5 Tips to Avoid Podfade

Title  of post. How to avoid podfade.
How to avoid podfade

What is Podfade?

When you suddenly stop creating and producing podcast episodes, and never get back to it.
Yes, this is a real “thing” a lot of people become overwhelmed with the amount of work or time commitment that it takes to produce a podcast.

Many podcasters stop producing episodes after episode 6.

Today 5 Quick Tips to Help You Avoid Podfade.

  1. Plan. Have you planned your podcast to the last detail? Do you have a clear podcast “why”. Can you identify the person your podcast is supposed to reach? Who is your podcast for?
  2. Time. Don’t underestimate in the beginning how long it will take. No just recording straight into your app isn’t the answer. How long does it take to do each piece? I’ve built this business out of the part ppl find the most time consuming-podcast editing.
  3. Schedule it. What will you do when? When will you record? When will you edit, do your scheduling? When will you plan social media and promotion and execute it?
  4. Batch record. If at all possible this is a lifesaver. Have your episodes ready to go.
  5. Be patient with yourself. There’s a learning curve for everyone. I’m a better editor than I was last year. You will get better at recording, interviewing and creating content. You need to be patient and kind to yourself.

What’s holding you back from starting a podcast?
Pop your question below.

My podcast workshop didn’t quite go as planned

So I had a workshop planned last week, and I had been advertising for a while and I had 4 people signed up. The night before there was a stom and rain was forecast for the whole week. I wanted to cancel before people cancelled on me. Ever felt that way?

Podcast Maven workshop
What I learnt from my workshop

I turned up anyway and only one guy turned up. (Sidenote I’m feeling nervous about putting this story “out there”) I wanted to cancel, go home and re-plan for another day. Instead I had the time to really get more involved with this podcaster and his awesome idea. I can’t wait for him to release his podcast!!!

I got to understand what was tripping him up, what I need to explain in more detail  and how to explain some concepts in better detail. The whole point of this is to share that what looked like a loss turned into a huge opportunity to share my love of podcast tech and planning and to get one more person on the road to launching.


When have you turned what looked like a loss into an opportunity?

Let me know. I’d love to hear it.

Podcast Perfect Pitch – Be a listener

Be a listener ⠀

If you want more interviews, if you want to be invited back. Begin with the end in mind.⠀
Just because the show covers your area of expertise it does not necessarily mean that you are a “good fit”. ⠀

That list you made yesterday listen to about 3-5 episodes OF EACH SHOW.

Be a listener

You need to get a good feel for the tone of the show and be honest with yourself about whether you are a good fit for it. ⠀

Next (I told you I was going to make these actionable ;-)⠀

Ask yourself the following, jot down the answers ⠀

Where and how can I add value to this show? ⠀

Think about:

Why you chose this podcast?⠀
Why do you listen?⠀
What questions are asked here that you have the answer to?⠀
How can you help the listeners of this show? ⠀
What will the host and listeners gain from you? ⠀

Your focus should be on what you can bring to the table. Besides the fact you have a super fantastic offer to help people out of the fix they are in, remember you need to offer value first. ⠀
I’m not saying give away all the secrets in your filing cabinet!! But I am saying be prepared be generous with listeners you want to reach. ⠀

Questions? Comments? please book your obligation free discovery call. Tell me what you’d love to be interviewed about?