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How to be a great podcast guest: Be on time

No long explanation for this one be on time. Put a reminder on your phone. Yes life does happen, but treat this as you would any other professional engagement. Full disclosure I was crap at this last month when I was interviewed and was a little fraught with things, but now I’m back on track.

Watch the clock
Be on time for your interview


The podcast will normally use the first minute to check levels and make sure you are comfortable, it is time well spent and neither of you want to be flustered and rushing to get everything in.

How to be a great podcast guest – Quiet Please

As much as possible try to be in a quiet room/office when you are being interviewed. Life in your household does not have to stop but can you sit in a room where you can’t hear loud traffic noises from outside, or your neighbours’ dog?

Ask kids and spouses to give you a little quiet time whilst you are being interviewed.

I don’t want this to be a lecture but please put your phone on SILENT!!!


P.S. Just so we are clear the picture is a perfect example of where you should not record. 

Be a great podcast guest – Read the Notes

If you are invited on a show and the interviewer sends you notes to read.Please read them.  If they have sent  some material to help you prepare please look at. A lot of work goes on in the background and it really helps if you are prepared. Read the notes

You may have done a number of interviews in the past but each experience should be different; because no -one wants to listen to you give a carbon copy speech on 10 different shows. Please read the notes. 

Perfect Podcast Pitch: Interview Day

You have done the work connected with podcasts hosts and today is the day. ⠀
A few things to bear in mind: ⠀

Be prepared the host will most likely send you info on what you need and how to prepare please read it. ⠀
Interview day
Don’t just say yes and no elaborate, if you do go on a little too much that’s what editing is for. ⠀

Give Value. If you want to be remebered, recommended and re-invited back be a giver. ⠀

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Pinpointing what shows you can target? ⠀
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Perfect Podcast Pitch – Craft your Pitch

Craft your pitch⠀

By now you’ll have a list of the shows you want to be interviewed on and you will be familiar with their tone and feel. ⠀

Look at the website for the show you love. How does the host say you should contact them? ⠀

If they say email, then do email. Follow their directions ⠀

What info have they asked for from you? Provide it in the your pitch email. ⠀

Don’t forget to tell them what value you are bringing to the table. ⠀

If you don’t get a response, try again after about a week or two. A lot of podcasters are doing their shows and working another job. So be patient. ⠀

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Podcast Perfect Pitch – Be a listener

Be a listener ⠀

If you want more interviews, if you want to be invited back. Begin with the end in mind.⠀
Just because the show covers your area of expertise it does not necessarily mean that you are a “good fit”. ⠀

That list you made yesterday listen to about 3-5 episodes OF EACH SHOW.

Be a listener

You need to get a good feel for the tone of the show and be honest with yourself about whether you are a good fit for it. ⠀

Next (I told you I was going to make these actionable ;-)⠀

Ask yourself the following, jot down the answers ⠀

Where and how can I add value to this show? ⠀

Think about:

Why you chose this podcast?⠀
Why do you listen?⠀
What questions are asked here that you have the answer to?⠀
How can you help the listeners of this show? ⠀
What will the host and listeners gain from you? ⠀

Your focus should be on what you can bring to the table. Besides the fact you have a super fantastic offer to help people out of the fix they are in, remember you need to offer value first. ⠀
I’m not saying give away all the secrets in your filing cabinet!! But I am saying be prepared be generous with listeners you want to reach. ⠀

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