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Your Podcast Needs A Newsletter

Your Podcast Needs a Newsletter

I think each podcast needs a newsletter.  Why?

You always want your audience to know what’s happening in your pod world and with your show. When people give you their email, you can be sure they want to hear from you and support you.

What really prompted this post was the “dark day” when I couldn’t post to my IG account ( I was totally locked out from FB.

I could see other people’s posts on IG but I couldn’t log in to my account, it was annoying. I run an online business this is how people find out about me and what I do.

No matter how small your list it’s important to keep in contact with people who have asked for your content.

What To Put In Your Newsletter

This is the part I find tough as I don’t consider myself a content creator but of course tell them

  1. What’s coming up in your show.
  2. Can you link to content that they can only access if they are on your list?
  3. A training they might be interested in
  4. An opportunity to participate in your show
  5. They can have a question answered on your show
  6. Have the chance to get a shout-out
  7. A member-only competition for your subscribers

You can also include snapshots from your life if that’s appropriate when I post pictures of my dog she gets far more likes than I do!!!

Don’t just use as an opportunity to promo and run think of it as another thread of the conversation. One that you have real control over.

1 podcast 5 ways. Tip 4: Create an infographic

1 podcast 5 pieces of content
Sharing knowledge nuggets from your podcast. Repurposing content.


If you have just stumbled across this feed start with the three previous posts. For the rest of you, did you follow through with the other days? What are you using to create graphics?



Adobe Spark is a fun app to use and you can use it on the go when inspiration strikes. Today get really creative and create an infographic from the show and the topic you covered.

What was one quick tip that can be easily shared? Post it on Twitter and if it was an interview don’t forget tag the interviewee.

1 podcast 5 Ways

I am connected to some inspiring women on social media and whilst I am not great at posting I do look and support, like and share posts that resonate with me. Something I struggle with is creating content for social media so I amon the loook out for ideas about where to get content and how to repurpose content.

So this week I will be providing a quick tip on how you can repurpose and/or promote a podcast episode.

Tip 1.

Look back at old episodes or think of an episode you have just recorded, create a quick video on FB live telling people what it is about and how and where they can find it. What questions can you ask your followers based on the episode? What questions and comments came up?