Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? Microphones

A discovery call from a lady in my network showed me there is still a lot of confusion and mis-information around podcasting.

Best Mic options when you are starting

What you need to do, the process, the equipment, the time and the cost. So I think it would be cool to lay it out for you here and on IG and FB. For today the first piece of equipment you need is a microphone. Before you rush out and get the priciest mic you can find. WAIT!! The best piece of kit to start with is the Apple earbuds. They are fab for what they do. Please trust me on this. If you just want to try out the idea before committing get the Apple earbuds.

If you really want a  great microphone that you can take anywhere and get great sound each time I love the Audio РTechnica ATR 2100.