Let's talk about why you haven't started your podcast

Podcast Fears

I know a lot of people are launched in January or planning to launch in the first quarter. If you did, tag me on IG @the_podcast_maven

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Today I want to talk about podcast fears – what’s holding you back from starting your podcast? 

When I get on a discovery call with people and we get through the tech related questions. Normally people just want to be reassured that their idea is a good one or that they will have enough content. 

Is that you? What worries you about starting your podcast? 

The top worries I hear are:

  1. Is my idea a good one? 

What is your idea, can you explain clearly in 3 sentences or less?  

Why is this important to you? What excites you about this idea? 

Your reason doesn’t have to be serious but it does have to be crystal clear, when it is clear then it is a good idea. 

  1. I speak with an accent

This breaks my heart. Podcasting is about sharing ideas whatever your accent, dialect or language. There is no default language in podcasting. 

  1. There are too many podcasts/ podcasts are over -saturated . 

No, wrong. Yawn, next!

  1.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep creating content 

Top Tip: The content creation is something you should do at the start, before you even start recording. 

At the start plan a season 8 – 12 episodes you will see you have so many ideas. 

  1. What equipment do I need? I don’t have a huge budget. 

You don’t need a big budget , can I say now please do not go out and just buy a Blue Yeti? Please?!! 

You will need the following: 

Pop -filter 

DAW (Software for editing) 



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