Podcast Pet Peeves

What are you doing (unintetionally) that turns your listeners off?

Podcast pet peeve

Sometimes we can do things that niggle at listeners, so much so it becomes their chief pet peeve with all podcasts.  When I saw this thread on a forum  I was amazed at some of the comments. A lot of people had the same gripes but different examples of their “pet peeve”. Some said they would not give a podcast a second shot, which I think is a little harsh. I’m a believer in second chances!  Podcasting is a lot of work and it’s a labour of love for most people but from the very long list of things found there are things you can take note of when you are recording or doing your editing.


I’m going to post some of the things you might not be aware you are doing and quick fixes. Look out for it. What is one thing that might turn you off from a show. Before you answer remember a lot of people are learning as they go along so be kind.