Can I Change My Podcast Publishing Schedule?

Will changing your podcast publishing schedule have a negative effect on your podcast? Is it a good idea to change and how to do it well.

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What will happen if you decide to change your podcast release schedule? Will people stop listening?

The question was asked in a Pod group that I’m in it read

“I’ve published a few episodes of my podcast and I underestimated how much time everything would take. Will my podcast be impacted if I changed my upload schedule from weekly to monthly?

Will my podcast be negatively impacted if I change my upload schedule from weekly to monthly?

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There are so many steps involved in getting an episode published most podcast production schedules look like this: finding a guest (or doing an outline for a solo show) – recording – editing – planning promotions – creating assets….. most podcasts are passion projects and you will need a few hours to create the episode.

So the short answer is no, changing your podcast publishing schedule will not have a negative impact on your podcast. In fact any decision that allows you podcast consistently is the best thing you can do.

What’s the best way to change your podcast schedule?

Decide how often you can realistically publish an episode

Decide on what date you start your new posting schedule

Start informing your listeners about the change. Share in the podcast, on social media and in your newsletter. Do this more than once.

Make sure you are consistent with your new schedule.

Let me know in the comments have you changed your podcast publishing schedule?

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