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Perfect Podcast Pitch-Work Your Way Up!

Work your way up

Hi. Thanks for following these posts about how to start getting interviewed on podcasts.

If you are wondering why podcasts? The quick answers are:

Do yur research and identify relevant shows

It’s a low barrier way to be seen as an authority in your field.
It puts you right in front of your ideal audience/client



How do you start pitching yourself to podcasts?

This will take a little longer, you need to do your research.

Which shows do you already listen to?
Do these shows interview people in your field?

Start by making a list of 10 relevant shows you listen to regularly 20 might be better, but you can start with 10.


What do I mean “Work your way up”?


Choose shows that are relevant to what you do and that you can make a valid contribution too.
Start with “smaller” niche shows and have a plan in place.

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? PC or Mac?

Should I use a PC or Mac?

Creating your podcast can be done on a PC or a Mac. Whichever you use you can get it done. I use a Mac and will be suggesting software that I use on my machine but I will try to offer you some good PC alternatives. Yesterday I told you that if you have the Apple earbuds that is all you need. If however you do have a Mic lying around, please find a set of headphones.⠀

All of these pieces will fit together and make your podcast journey so much easier. Please remember, I am NOT saying go out and buy all this requirement. I want you to use what you have.⠀
Just remember:⠀
The process is simple.⠀
Do not be afraid to experiment.⠀
Just get started. Questions?

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast?

Hi, it has been a while, have you been following on IG? You can catch me there as well. This is the first of a set of post that will lay out the pod process for you. This week we will cover equipment and next week the podcast parts and types. What equipment do you need? Will people listen? Do I need to spend $300 on a mic?

These are the types of I will be answering. What questions do you need answered? Email me or put your question below. I will be starting at square one and laying it out for you.

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? Microphones

A discovery call from a lady in my network showed me there is still a lot of confusion and mis-information around podcasting.

Best Mic options when you are starting

What you need to do, the process, the equipment, the time and the cost. So I think it would be cool to lay it out for you here and on IG and FB. For today the first piece of equipment you need is a microphone. Before you rush out and get the priciest mic you can find. WAIT!! The best piece of kit to start with is the Apple earbuds. They are fab for what they do. Please trust me on this. If you just want to try out the idea before committing get the Apple earbuds.

If you really want a  great microphone that you can take anywhere and get great sound each time I love the Audio – Technica ATR 2100.

Facebook Live or Podcast?

The answer is both. The different formats appeal to different people. So if you love FB live go for it. When you are done save the video. Strip the audio, make a few relevant edits ( you don’t need the parts where FB live crashed for a minute or where you explained for the 4th time that you will answer questions at the end). If you are careful with your recording quality for the video the audio should be fine for you to use for a podcast. If it needs some tweaking send it to an editor.
Now you have satisfied your audio learners and your visual learners.
Win win