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How to Choose A Name For Your Podcast

What should you think about when choosing a name for your podcast?


How to find a name for your podcast
5 rules for naming your podcast What’s in a name?



It can be hard to stand out and be clear. We all know that we need something a little memorable until people hear our fantastic content and start recommending us!!! Here are 5 great tips on how to come up with a podcast name.



Your title should be easy to remember.       


If your title is long and complicated, can you simplify it a little?    Have you ever been out walking and searched for a show and you know it really well but all you get is ” No result“?    

 That drives me crazy! It’s normally because I made one typo. Don’t make it hard for people to find you. Keep the following in mind:


     Easier to remember – easier to find – easier to share.   


 Is it Easy to Work Out What Your Show is About?

Tip 2: Is it easy to work out what the show is about?

Can anyone work out what the show is about from the title? Have you chosen something a little obscure or quirky?

If people in your field will search for that term then that’s great; but if it’s an in-joke that you explain in your podcast. You are making things difficult for yourself.

                             Be fun, be creative but also be clear.                                                                                                                                                                 


 Question? What’s in it for me?   


Does your title explain your podcast's purpose
What’s in it for me?


If I’m glancing at a screen of titles, will I quickly be able to work out if I should choose yours?

Does your title explain what your show is about?


Your podcast title should be easy to spell


Make the name simple



Finally a Rule of Thumb.

Use fewer than 5 words in your podcast title
5 words or less.

Your podcast title should be 5 words or fewer.


Variety adds spice to podcasts – Podcast pet peeves

Can you add a little variety to your segments? Sometimes a guest might be great on paper but when you listen to the recording it can be a little long and dry.  Your guest may have been nervous, it might not have been a great day for them, whatever.

Podcast segments
Add a little variety to your podcast with different segments


In the forum a lot of people said their attention wandered after 30 mins.

I am not telling you to cut your podcast short my we are all different. Think about surprising your listeners (pleasantly!!) by mixing things up a bit.

Stick with your format but could you try to:

  • Break up a longer conversation with a recap?
  • Quick fire Q’s
  • Illustrative clip from a different source
  • Speed round

Perhaps these will not make it into the final cut but it might be a good way to get more “personality” from your guest.

Can you think of a podcast where this is done really well?  Have you tried this? What feedback did you get from your listeners? 


Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? Pop filters

Splash out on a pop filter

To round off these posts I want to tell you about pop filters. The black disc you can see in the picture in front of the microphone is a pop filter. You can get large one like this one that will have a clamp to attach to the mic stand or your desk. Alternatively you can get smaller softer foam pop filters that fit over the head of a mic. If you have a mic then the best investment you can make is to get a pop filter. This will make your dialogue cleaner and clearer. What does it do? When we say some words that need us to make “popping” sounds (for example words that begin with p) the mic picks up the popping sound. If your recording is full of these it can become unpleasant to listen, also if you also unconsciously smack your lips ( I discovered that I do!!😆) these are picked up by your mic and make your recording a little “spitty” . A pop filter will help make your recording clearer. Any little blips can be cut out when you edit.

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? PC or Mac?

Should I use a PC or Mac?

Creating your podcast can be done on a PC or a Mac. Whichever you use you can get it done. I use a Mac and will be suggesting software that I use on my machine but I will try to offer you some good PC alternatives. Yesterday I told you that if you have the Apple earbuds that is all you need. If however you do have a Mic lying around, please find a set of headphones.⠀

All of these pieces will fit together and make your podcast journey so much easier. Please remember, I am NOT saying go out and buy all this requirement. I want you to use what you have.⠀
Just remember:⠀
The process is simple.⠀
Do not be afraid to experiment.⠀
Just get started. Questions?

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast?

Hi, it has been a while, have you been following on IG? You can catch me there as well. This is the first of a set of post that will lay out the pod process for you. This week we will cover equipment and next week the podcast parts and types. What equipment do you need? Will people listen? Do I need to spend $300 on a mic?

These are the types of I will be answering. What questions do you need answered? Email me or put your question below. I will be starting at square one and laying it out for you.

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? Recording Software

Which software should I use to record my podcast?

These are just 3 of the software options you can use to edit your podcast. You can download any of the ones I have mentioned.  Please do not look at “free” as inferior. GarageBand is free on Mac and Audacity is free to download on Mac or PC. You will hear people refer to these as DAW’s Digital Audio Workstations. You can find tutorials on YouTube to get started. Do not be afraid to just dive in and mess around. I think with Adobe you get a free trial and they have videos to get you started. The great thing is once you know how to use one you will feel comfortable navigating other platforms. So if you are following this list go and download Audacity or GarageBand.

Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? Microphones

A discovery call from a lady in my network showed me there is still a lot of confusion and mis-information around podcasting.

Best Mic options when you are starting

What you need to do, the process, the equipment, the time and the cost. So I think it would be cool to lay it out for you here and on IG and FB. For today the first piece of equipment you need is a microphone. Before you rush out and get the priciest mic you can find. WAIT!! The best piece of kit to start with is the Apple earbuds. They are fab for what they do. Please trust me on this. If you just want to try out the idea before committing get the Apple earbuds.

If you really want a  great microphone that you can take anywhere and get great sound each time I love the Audio – Technica ATR 2100.