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Perfect Podcast Pitch: Interview Day

You have done the work connected with podcasts hosts and today is the day. ⠀
A few things to bear in mind: ⠀

Be prepared the host will most likely send you info on what you need and how to prepare please read it. ⠀
Interview day
Don’t just say yes and no elaborate, if you do go on a little too much that’s what editing is for. ⠀

Give Value. If you want to be remebered, recommended and re-invited back be a giver. ⠀

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Pinpointing what shows you can target? ⠀
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Perfect Podcast Pitch – Craft your Pitch

Craft your pitch⠀

By now you’ll have a list of the shows you want to be interviewed on and you will be familiar with their tone and feel. ⠀

Look at the website for the show you love. How does the host say you should contact them? ⠀

If they say email, then do email. Follow their directions ⠀

What info have they asked for from you? Provide it in the your pitch email. ⠀

Don’t forget to tell them what value you are bringing to the table. ⠀

If you don’t get a response, try again after about a week or two. A lot of podcasters are doing their shows and working another job. So be patient. ⠀

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Podcast Perfect Pitch – Be a listener

Be a listener ⠀

If you want more interviews, if you want to be invited back. Begin with the end in mind.⠀
Just because the show covers your area of expertise it does not necessarily mean that you are a “good fit”. ⠀

That list you made yesterday listen to about 3-5 episodes OF EACH SHOW.

Be a listener

You need to get a good feel for the tone of the show and be honest with yourself about whether you are a good fit for it. ⠀

Next (I told you I was going to make these actionable ;-)⠀

Ask yourself the following, jot down the answers ⠀

Where and how can I add value to this show? ⠀

Think about:

Why you chose this podcast?⠀
Why do you listen?⠀
What questions are asked here that you have the answer to?⠀
How can you help the listeners of this show? ⠀
What will the host and listeners gain from you? ⠀

Your focus should be on what you can bring to the table. Besides the fact you have a super fantastic offer to help people out of the fix they are in, remember you need to offer value first. ⠀
I’m not saying give away all the secrets in your filing cabinet!! But I am saying be prepared be generous with listeners you want to reach. ⠀

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Perfect Podcast Pitch-Work Your Way Up!

Work your way up

Hi. Thanks for following these posts about how to start getting interviewed on podcasts.

If you are wondering why podcasts? The quick answers are:

Do yur research and identify relevant shows

It’s a low barrier way to be seen as an authority in your field.
It puts you right in front of your ideal audience/client



How do you start pitching yourself to podcasts?

This will take a little longer, you need to do your research.

Which shows do you already listen to?
Do these shows interview people in your field?

Start by making a list of 10 relevant shows you listen to regularly 20 might be better, but you can start with 10.


What do I mean “Work your way up”?


Choose shows that are relevant to what you do and that you can make a valid contribution too.
Start with “smaller” niche shows and have a plan in place.

The Perfect Podcast Pitch

Has the podcast bug bitten you yet? So many more people are seeing the value and benefit of  being interviewed about their area(s) of expertise on podcasts.

Perfect podcast Pitch- Has the bug bitten you yet?

Podcasting saw a lot of growth this year with lots of women stepping forward, sharing their knowledge and reaching out to their tribe. On the flip side a lot of entrepreneurs saw the amazing the opportunity offered by being guests on podcasts.


This is what this series of posts will be about:

How to prepare yourself (What do I have to offer?)
How to pitch yourself (Am I a good fit?)
and lastly
How to build on the experience (Be invited back)

These posts will be short and sweet and actionable.

Variety adds spice to podcasts – Podcast pet peeves

Can you add a little variety to your segments? Sometimes a guest might be great on paper but when you listen to the recording it can be a little long and dry.  Your guest may have been nervous, it might not have been a great day for them, whatever.

Podcast segments
Add a little variety to your podcast with different segments


In the forum a lot of people said their attention wandered after 30 mins.

I am not telling you to cut your podcast short my we are all different. Think about surprising your listeners (pleasantly!!) by mixing things up a bit.

Stick with your format but could you try to:

  • Break up a longer conversation with a recap?
  • Quick fire Q’s
  • Illustrative clip from a different source
  • Speed round

Perhaps these will not make it into the final cut but it might be a good way to get more “personality” from your guest.

Can you think of a podcast where this is done really well?  Have you tried this? What feedback did you get from your listeners? 


I’m not enough of an expert

I’m not enough of an expert.
How many times have you beat yourself up with this and then used it as a reason to not get started? My own hand is up, so I do get it.

So my loud, decisive answer to this fear is you don’t have to be an expert.

There are many ways to bring your podcast idea to life so we have room to pivot. Instead of looking at your podcast as a way to instruct people take them on your journey of discovery. So let’s just say I wanted to dive deep into the history of dry cleaning. Yes Dry Cleaning, let your mind run wild amongst the coat hangers!! I could base my podcast around research about how it got stared and why. What did I learn, who are the characters? How did the industry get started? Actually who invented it? What was their story? Remember more and more people are putting themselves forward to be interviewed for podcasts. Interview them. Email them a few questions and acknowledge their input in your podcast.
So I need not be an “expert” to delve in to the history of the topic I’m sharing. What floats your boat? Hiking? Food trucks, and the variety of cuisines in your town? Have you started tracing your family history and found some amazing stories? Yes there are people out there that want to listen to exactly what you have to say. Without being talked down to.

But don’t put it off until you are an “expert”. Remember the process is supposed to be fun.

There are a few notable exceptions. If you are giving business advice, then you should have a profitable business. Medical advice then you should at least have a medical degree. You get the picture.