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Variety adds spice to podcasts – Podcast pet peeves

Can you add a little variety to your segments? Sometimes a guest might be great on paper but when you listen to the recording it can be a little long and dry.  Your guest may have been nervous, it might not have been a great day for them, whatever.

Podcast segments
Add a little variety to your podcast with different segments


In the forum a lot of people said their attention wandered after 30 mins.

I am not telling you to cut your podcast short my we are all different. Think about surprising your listeners (pleasantly!!) by mixing things up a bit.

Stick with your format but could you try to:

  • Break up a longer conversation with a recap?
  • Quick fire Q’s
  • Illustrative clip from a different source
  • Speed round

Perhaps these will not make it into the final cut but it might be a good way to get more “personality” from your guest.

Can you think of a podcast where this is done really well?  Have you tried this? What feedback did you get from your listeners? 


Planning Podcast Interviews: Pre-interviews

Day 3:

The last part of the email is to invite them to a pre-interview.

There are two camps with regards to pre-interviews the “yay” camp and the “nay” camp.

I’m with “yay” and here is why. I like to establish a rapport with the people I am speaking to and I also like to get a “feel” for the guest. Can I bring out what I need from them? Are they having fun speaking about their zone of genius? Does it feel like pulling teeth, and both of us cannot wait for this to be over?


This is also an opportunity for me to make sure my guest is prepared for the interview. Can I hear any weird background noises?

For these calls I have used Zoom and I’m still going to test other platforms and give you a round up of what worked for me. Today I used Google voice the call quality was great, but it did not record which was a little disappointing.