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Variety adds spice to podcasts – Podcast pet peeves

Can you add a little variety to your segments? Sometimes a guest might be great on paper but when you listen to the recording it can be a little long and dry.  Your guest may have been nervous, it might not have been a great day for them, whatever.

Podcast segments
Add a little variety to your podcast with different segments


In the forum a lot of people said their attention wandered after 30 mins.

I am not telling you to cut your podcast short my we are all different. Think about surprising your listeners (pleasantly!!) by mixing things up a bit.

Stick with your format but could you try to:

  • Break up a longer conversation with a recap?
  • Quick fire Q’s
  • Illustrative clip from a different source
  • Speed round

Perhaps these will not make it into the final cut but it might be a good way to get more “personality” from your guest.

Can you think of a podcast where this is done really well?  Have you tried this? What feedback did you get from your listeners? 


Podcast Pet Peeves – “Inconsistent Sound”.


I got these “peeves” on a forum and they are things you could consider.

The point of these posts is not to put people down but to let you know what your listeners might be thinking.

mobile phone playing music I‘m going to look at the most comments that were repeatedly stated and tell you where I can what to do to fix them. Before leaving a one star rating or a bad review I think we forget that people are just starting out. They recorded and launched before they lost their nerve and now that the biggest obstacle has been scaled they are going to learn as they go along and the sound quality will improve. That is not such a bad thing but here comes the “but”….

Sound matters. Audio quality is important.

While you do not have to have a studio in your home you can create great sound if you pay attention to the sound quality of podcasts you love and note what puts you off about the ones  you could not listen to until the end.

The point of these posts again, is not to put people down but to let you know what your listeners might be thinking. I’m certainly going to go back over the recordings I have done but have not launched and be my own greatest critic.


Pet Peeve

Sound quality – the biggest culprit here seems to be inconsistent volume. I know that many people are going it alone and doing the best they can. To you, I say “keep on!” There is a learning curve – you will get better with each episode.

Tell your audience that you are learning. Ask them to be patient with you.


When you listen through for the millionth time after you make all your edits,  try to make sure that your volume and your guest’s volume are the same.