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5 Reasons You Should Go To A Small Podcast Conference

Last weekend I attended DC PodFest and it was excellent. This got me thinking about why I prefer smaller conferences and the benefits of attending especially for new or budding podcasters! Here are five reasons I hope will convince you to attend a smaller podcast conference.

A picture of Patricia Q Jenkins (aka The Podcast Maven) at DC Podfest

The people attending are your community and you should connect with them.

Spend a little time talking to people who are a little further than you in the medium and encouraging someone who isn’t as far as you yet. Larger conferences are great places for going to specific tracks and getting what you need. With a smaller conference like DC Podfest there was time to really chat with the strangers next to you.


Introduce yourself to people and get a little more interaction than a rushed business card swap. 

Spend time with the experts. 

Smaller conferences still attract well-known podcast figures. Not to brag or anything but  I sat next to Dave Jackson in a workshop. 🙂

I was late to the conference (thank you dodgy food truck, and missed the morning session) but I made it to the afternoon. A smaller venue means more time to sit with the experts at their tables. It means chatting with the SEO expert after their presentation and getting some answers. For me, I struck gold!! I missed Timothy D Craggette’s session. When I had to take an introvert moment,  I found him downstairs and we got chatting. He took the time to run through his presentation for me. 1 on 1! Does it get any better than that?!! 


Few people make money from their podcast or enough money that they can live on it. (#podcastgoals). Entrance fees and travel costs can add up. Have a look back at the podcast conferences that were held this year, are there any local ones? Get on their mailing list so that you can get early bird pricing for tickets.  If it’s still out of reach consider volunteering for the conference. You get to help out, connect and still attend.

People with your Issues. 

I remember the first time I went to DC Podfest, I didn’t even have an idea what my podcast was going to be about, I just wanted to be around people who loved podcasts as much as I did. Like I said above, you’ll meet people who are in the same position as you, who want to know what you know about SEO, can tell you about how to cut down the time you spend editing or whatever your pressing question is!  

If you ask you will find answers and every single one started where you are – like I said community. 

People to grow with. 

I am still in touch with some of the people I met at my first  DC Podfest, cards will be swapped, social media will be tagged and that first email will be exchanged. There’s a different vibe to the interaction when you are looking for support but also giving it. You will meet people that you grow in podcasting with. Sometimes it’s better to look at who is around you. 

Which podcast event has been your favourite this year? Which ones do you have your eye on for next year? Comment below and tell me if you prefer the larger or smaller conferences.