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My podcast workshop didn’t quite go as planned

So I had a workshop planned last week, and I had been advertising for a while and I had 4 people signed up. The night before there was a stom and rain was forecast for the whole week. I wanted to cancel before people cancelled on me. Ever felt that way?

Podcast Maven workshop
What I learnt from my workshop

I turned up anyway and only one guy turned up. (Sidenote I’m feeling nervous about putting this story “out there”) I wanted to cancel, go home and re-plan for another day. Instead I had the time to really get more involved with this podcaster and his awesome idea. I can’t wait for him to release his podcast!!!

I got to understand what was tripping him up, what I need to explain in more detail  and how to explain some concepts in better detail. The whole point of this is to share that what looked like a loss turned into a huge opportunity to share my love of podcast tech and planning and to get one more person on the road to launching.


When have you turned what looked like a loss into an opportunity?

Let me know. I’d love to hear it.

Your First Podcast Interview – How to be a great guest!!!

Has your emailing campaign and outreach paid off? Have you finally booked your first podcast interview? Great!! Where are you going to be when they call you? You hadn’t thought of that? It’s fine, zip through the infographic and learn what you can do to make this as successful as possible.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, just because you record the interview, it doesn’t mean it will be released.


What can send your interview to the “not great” pile?


Podcasters are protective of their audiences time, so bear in mind that the selection process ends at the end of your interview. If the interview is a dud,  it might go into the “didn’t work out pile”. This can have a lot of factors, perhaps there wasn’t a conection between you and the host, perhaps you were in a noisy place, or maybe you didn’t read the prep notes your host sent.


I say this alot but please, please, please make sure you are in a quiet place when you are being interviewed. Life happens but  your spot at Starbucks during lunchtime is not ideal as there will be a lot of background noise.

I could go on for ages (wink, wink)  but it’s easier for you to look at the infographic. Questions? Feel free to get in touch.


Rock your first podcast interview

I’m not enough of an expert

I’m not enough of an expert.
How many times have you beat yourself up with this and then used it as a reason to not get started? My own hand is up, so I do get it.

So my loud, decisive answer to this fear is you don’t have to be an expert.

There are many ways to bring your podcast idea to life so we have room to pivot. Instead of looking at your podcast as a way to instruct people take them on your journey of discovery. So let’s just say I wanted to dive deep into the history of dry cleaning. Yes Dry Cleaning, let your mind run wild amongst the coat hangers!! I could base my podcast around research about how it got stared and why. What did I learn, who are the characters? How did the industry get started? Actually who invented it? What was their story? Remember more and more people are putting themselves forward to be interviewed for podcasts. Interview them. Email them a few questions and acknowledge their input in your podcast.
So I need not be an “expert” to delve in to the history of the topic I’m sharing. What floats your boat? Hiking? Food trucks, and the variety of cuisines in your town? Have you started tracing your family history and found some amazing stories? Yes there are people out there that want to listen to exactly what you have to say. Without being talked down to.

But don’t put it off until you are an “expert”. Remember the process is supposed to be fun.

There are a few notable exceptions. If you are giving business advice, then you should have a profitable business. Medical advice then you should at least have a medical degree. You get the picture.