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Part 2: The 5 Things You Need To Start Your Podcast

The 5 things you need to start your podcast


Please do not record without wearing a pair of headphones.

Always wear headphones when you record your podcast.

Yes, it’s important for sound quality, feedback is a bugger to deal with in post-production. That’s it.



Before you say it, yes there is a way to do stuff on your phone or iPad but I’m talking about the easiest way and the quickest way for you to feel comfortable and learn.

Editing software you can use on a Mac or PC

So whether you have a PC or Mac. Connect your gear. Make sure your computer is picking up your microphone. You might need to check your settings. Next is DAWS.




You will need to cut out odd noises, false starts and “umms” and “uuhhhs”. This is what your editing software is for. Aka DAWS here are a few of the options:



Adobe Audition



Okay, most of these can be put on a Mac or PC. Don’t let the acronym scare you off (techy speak actually irritates me!!) I always recommend Audacity as a good place to start. It’s a solid platform that you can grow with as your skills get better and you gain confidence.  I will say I am not a fan of Garageband personally, but if that’s what you have and you are comfortable with it. Go for it!!!


Do you have any questions? Are you stuck somewhere between idea and execution? Book a discovery call, I’d love to help you move forward.




Perfect Podcast Pitch: Interview Day

You have done the work connected with podcasts hosts and today is the day. ⠀
A few things to bear in mind: ⠀

Be prepared the host will most likely send you info on what you need and how to prepare please read it. ⠀
Interview day
Don’t just say yes and no elaborate, if you do go on a little too much that’s what editing is for. ⠀

Give Value. If you want to be remebered, recommended and re-invited back be a giver. ⠀

Need some help proparing for your interview? Crafting your pitch?

Pinpointing what shows you can target? ⠀
Book your free discovery call.

Perfect Podcast Pitch – Craft your Pitch

Craft your pitch⠀

By now you’ll have a list of the shows you want to be interviewed on and you will be familiar with their tone and feel. ⠀

Look at the website for the show you love. How does the host say you should contact them? ⠀

If they say email, then do email. Follow their directions ⠀

What info have they asked for from you? Provide it in the your pitch email. ⠀

Don’t forget to tell them what value you are bringing to the table. ⠀

If you don’t get a response, try again after about a week or two. A lot of podcasters are doing their shows and working another job. So be patient. ⠀

Need some help crafting your pitch or contacting podcast hosts in your niche? Book a free discovery call let’s get you booked in 2018!!

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Podcast Perfect Pitch – Be a listener

Be a listener ⠀

If you want more interviews, if you want to be invited back. Begin with the end in mind.⠀
Just because the show covers your area of expertise it does not necessarily mean that you are a “good fit”. ⠀

That list you made yesterday listen to about 3-5 episodes OF EACH SHOW.

Be a listener

You need to get a good feel for the tone of the show and be honest with yourself about whether you are a good fit for it. ⠀

Next (I told you I was going to make these actionable ;-)⠀

Ask yourself the following, jot down the answers ⠀

Where and how can I add value to this show? ⠀

Think about:

Why you chose this podcast?⠀
Why do you listen?⠀
What questions are asked here that you have the answer to?⠀
How can you help the listeners of this show? ⠀
What will the host and listeners gain from you? ⠀

Your focus should be on what you can bring to the table. Besides the fact you have a super fantastic offer to help people out of the fix they are in, remember you need to offer value first. ⠀
I’m not saying give away all the secrets in your filing cabinet!! But I am saying be prepared be generous with listeners you want to reach. ⠀

Questions? Comments? please book your obligation free discovery call. Tell me what you’d love to be interviewed about?

Podcast Pet Peeves

What are you doing (unintetionally) that turns your listeners off?

Podcast pet peeve

Sometimes we can do things that niggle at listeners, so much so it becomes their chief pet peeve with all podcasts.  When I saw this thread on a forum  I was amazed at some of the comments. A lot of people had the same gripes but different examples of their “pet peeve”. Some said they would not give a podcast a second shot, which I think is a little harsh. I’m a believer in second chances!  Podcasting is a lot of work and it’s a labour of love for most people but from the very long list of things found there are things you can take note of when you are recording or doing your editing.


I’m going to post some of the things you might not be aware you are doing and quick fixes. Look out for it. What is one thing that might turn you off from a show. Before you answer remember a lot of people are learning as they go along so be kind.

1 podcast 5 ways. Tip 4: Create an infographic

1 podcast 5 pieces of content
Sharing knowledge nuggets from your podcast. Repurposing content.


If you have just stumbled across this feed start with the three previous posts. For the rest of you, did you follow through with the other days? What are you using to create graphics?



Adobe Spark is a fun app to use and you can use it on the go when inspiration strikes. Today get really creative and create an infographic from the show and the topic you covered.

What was one quick tip that can be easily shared? Post it on Twitter and if it was an interview don’t forget tag the interviewee.