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What’s on your playlist?

Hello short and sweet for today. Every month I send out a playlist of great podcast I have listened too and want to share with my list. So I have decided that each week  here on the blog I will share an episode of a podcast I have discovered and loved.

What are you listening too?
What’s on your playlist?

If you want the full list, don’t be shy please join my mailing list.¬† This week I want to introduce you to The Trip : Roads and Kingdoms.

Start with Goats, Gods and Garlic – find out about “goat twitter” (yes that’s a thing) a fathers secret goat meat supply and the beauty of Nepal.

Have a listen tell me what you thought, do you have a show I can recommend?

If you did listen and love please leave them a rating and review because… well because it’s a nice thing to do. Have a good one!











1 podcast 5 Ways

I am connected to some inspiring women on social media and whilst I am not great at posting I do look and support, like and share posts that resonate with me. Something I struggle with is creating content for social media so I amon the loook out for ideas about where to get content and how to repurpose content.

So this week I will be providing a quick tip on how you can repurpose and/or promote a podcast episode.

Tip 1.

Look back at old episodes or think of an episode you have just recorded, create a quick video on FB live telling people what it is about and how and where they can find it. What questions can you ask your followers based on the episode? What questions and comments came up?