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Podcast 101: What equipment do I need to podcast? Pop filters

Splash out on a pop filter

To round off these posts I want to tell you about pop filters. The black disc you can see in the picture in front of the microphone is a pop filter. You can get large one like this one that will have a clamp to attach to the mic stand or your desk. Alternatively you can get smaller softer foam pop filters that fit over the head of a mic. If you have a mic then the best investment you can make is to get a pop filter. This will make your dialogue cleaner and clearer. What does it do? When we say some words that need us to make “popping” sounds (for example words that begin with p) the mic picks up the popping sound. If your recording is full of these it can become unpleasant to listen, also if you also unconsciously smack your lips ( I discovered that I do!!😆) these are picked up by your mic and make your recording a little “spitty” . A pop filter will help make your recording clearer. Any little blips can be cut out when you edit.