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The Perfect Podcast Pitch

Has the podcast bug bitten you yet? So many more people are seeing the value and benefit of  being interviewed about their area(s) of expertise on podcasts.

Perfect podcast Pitch- Has the bug bitten you yet?

Podcasting saw a lot of growth this year with lots of women stepping forward, sharing their knowledge and reaching out to their tribe. On the flip side a lot of entrepreneurs saw the amazing the opportunity offered by being guests on podcasts.


This is what this series of posts will be about:

How to prepare yourself (What do I have to offer?)
How to pitch yourself (Am I a good fit?)
and lastly
How to build on the experience (Be invited back)

These posts will be short and sweet and actionable.

1 podcast 5 ways. Tip 5

Yes!! You made it!  Today is for Linked-In! Can you reformat your blog post? What questions were asked when you went live on Facebook?



Can you write a short article about what you discussed that is relevant to your Linked-in followers and audience?

For extra brownie points can you create a presentation on Slideshare about the topic?