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Creating a template – Planning podcast interviews 101

Step 2: Planning podcast interviews.


In the previous post  I told you how you can begin planning for your podcast interviews. I’m going to break this down into manageble pieces so today you need to c reate an email template and personalise it by using their name.

Explain what the podcast is about, can you narrow this down into a few sentences? Are you clear on what your goals are for your podcast?

Do you need help with this? Click here.


Then I have a link to my survey, in the body of the email, that I created on Typeform. In it I ask quick questions that make sure my guests meet and understand my criteria.

Tip: Ask for their social media links so that you can get to know a little more about your potential guests.


So make that a plan for today,  have look at Typeform create a questionnaire.