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Planning podcast Interviews 101

It has been awhile since posted sorry, I will try to be better. For this week I want to look at how to plan for interviews. But first here is why I have not posted for a while…..

I am planning my own podcast!!!


And I have been running a beta test for my podcast course. For those of you that are thinking of starting a podcast, here is what has worked for me.


I am in a lot of FB groups, I need to cut it down, but I try to get into FB twice a day to interact and post. On specified days, normally promo days, I ask for people who fit a certain criteria (that part is important!) to contact me if they are interested in being interviewed.

Creating a post

Tip: Make the picture attractive, the first time I did this the picture was a bit crap and the response was not what I had hoped. When I created a great image in Canva and I got specific about whom I wanted to talk too and why. The response was amazing. I had over 50 people reach out to me.

Okay, so the next step was to e-mail each person.
So that can be what you plan for today, go forth and create a great FB post.

I’m not enough of an expert

I’m not enough of an expert.
How many times have you beat yourself up with this and then used it as a reason to not get started? My own hand is up, so I do get it.

So my loud, decisive answer to this fear is you don’t have to be an expert.

There are many ways to bring your podcast idea to life so we have room to pivot. Instead of looking at your podcast as a way to instruct people take them on your journey of discovery. So let’s just say I wanted to dive deep into the history of dry cleaning. Yes Dry Cleaning, let your mind run wild amongst the coat hangers!! I could base my podcast around research about how it got stared and why. What did I learn, who are the characters? How did the industry get started? Actually who invented it? What was their story? Remember more and more people are putting themselves forward to be interviewed for podcasts. Interview them. Email them a few questions and acknowledge their input in your podcast.
So I need not be an “expert” to delve in to the history of the topic I’m sharing. What floats your boat? Hiking? Food trucks, and the variety of cuisines in your town? Have you started tracing your family history and found some amazing stories? Yes there are people out there that want to listen to exactly what you have to say. Without being talked down to.

But don’t put it off until you are an “expert”. Remember the process is supposed to be fun.

There are a few notable exceptions. If you are giving business advice, then you should have a profitable business. Medical advice then you should at least have a medical degree. You get the picture.